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True Dork Times Survivor 13: Cook Islands Spoilers
Episode 10: "Why Would You Trust Me?" Filmed: July 20-22, 2006
Airdate: November 23, 2006
Episode 10: Summary | RC/Merge | Exile | IC | Boot
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Episode Ten spoiler/ speculation summary
merge time
   We're sure you'd normally be thrilled and amazed to watch a bunch of starving people run around and solve puzzles here. Or possibly retrieve things from the water. Or if you're really lucky, both. Sadly, it looks like you may have to settle for the eating and drinking that accompanies the merge. But they do have shiny new black buffs. Happy Thanksgiving?
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Exilee = No exile
   With a merge happening, and everyone seemingly accounted for at the feast, they may give the Exile Island schtick a Thanksgiving vacation. Although there's a possibility Ozzy didn't make it to the feast. But that possibility seems vanishingly small. So... nothing to see here, move along.

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Winner = Ozzy
   This week, they've replaced the unending thrill of puzzles and water fetching with the even greater excitement of the ever-popular Merge Endurance Hold-on-athon (MEH). Watch as nine people climb poles and hold on, motionlessly. Until they don't.

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Bootee = Nate
   Hooray! Everyone gets to attend tribal council! Only one person gets booted! We're sure who that person is, must be almost as exciting as the rest of the episode. Who could it be? (Hint: not anyone from Aitutaki).

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