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General and/or pre-show information and rumors Filmed: June-August, 2006
Airdate: September, 2006
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SPOILERS and Speculation (Semi-chronological)
Outfrontgirl at Survivor Sucks
September 14, 2006: Outfrontgirl posts a follow-up clarification on the long-percolating Chinagazer/ OFG stories of the mid-to-late-game Atiu cave visit and feast:

FWIW, I've heard that this is a reward feast and the cave visit was not a challenge but a stop along the way for dramatic effect. Only the RC winners were flown over ...
and the Jamaican girl is there too
(which supports TDT's tip that Sundra goes far).

I lean towards it being the F8 reward and a team of 2 guys and 2 girls wins (Becky and Sundra?), but chinagazer only saw 3 chairs, so it could be F9. Big reward for F9 to go to another island. Guess I'll have to wait and see what episode the calendar brings for July 18th!"
Jeff Probst press teleconference, as transcribed by
September 7, 2006: Spoiler-related highlights, extracted with extensive sifting from a press teleconference with Jeff Probst (thanks to for the transcript). We tried our best to remove most of Probst's excessively lengthy stories about himself, his dental experiences, and how he's a 44-year-old "white guy from Wichita," but you never know. One or more may have slipped through. Read at your own risk.

Cast opinions (in response to specific questions)
Probst: "Guitar player is Billy Garcia. He's a heavy metal guitarist. It has nothing to do with Hollywood. What's interesting about him is he says 'I believe in the church of metal.' That is one of his quotes. He's not show business, he's a musician. He's passionate about music and heavy metal."

Analysis: Probst says nothing about Billy as a contestant, only about what he learned about him in the casting process. Doesn't sound like Billy left much of an impression game-wise.
Probst: "Let me just tell you, Cristina is not only a cop, Cristina is a cop who was shot in the line of duty in a somewhat notorious shootout down in Santa Monica, I think on the pier. Her father was a cop who was killed in the line of duty. To put Cristina in the category of an actor, somebody looking to try and find a hole. Cristina is a cop in her blood."

Analysis: See Billy, above.
Probst: "Yul was one of the most interesting guys. He is one of the most interesting guys I've ever met. Without question one of the smartest guys. Scored incredibly high on his IQ test. And not surprising, was the only person, who, when he found out how we were dividing the tribes, questioned it. He said, 'What I'm concerned is that what you're going to do is portray stereotypes.' And we said that we certainly didn't go for that in casting. We weren't trying to stunt cast this show. As far as the people on the show, we're simply going to observe. And Yul was fine with that. I don't know that Yul is even a huge Survivor fan.... But he studied the show. As somebody who wants to play this game and have a shot at winning he's studied the show.... Yul is a player. You underestimate Yul, you'll be going home before he will. Absolute fact."

Analysis: Much stronger endorsement of Yul as a contestant, rather than as someone they came across in casting.
Probst: "I don't think Cecilia was super familiar with the show either. Cecilia brings a completely different point of view to the show. Cecilia is aware of her charm with men. She's aware that is a valid way to play the game. It's a valid way to live in society. To navigate relationships with whatever tools you have.
    ....I remember distinctly with Cecilia, we started realizing, wow her life is steeped in culture that is different from ours. Certainly from mine. That's when the idea came that we should go with the positive thing of ethnic pride. Let people have to figure out who to vote out on their own tribe. Where in a sense all things are equal unless you have differences within your culture, which we discovered existed. Cecilia was sort of indirectly involved in helping us discover the second layer of the idea which was the division."

Analysis: Again with the casting stories! Mentions of Cecilia as a contestant only in the sense of her not being familiar with the show, and choosing to flirt.
Probst: "You'll certainly, though, remember Jonathan.... Jonathan is a great character. What was fun about Jonathan is, he is a writer. He can be very entertaining. He can be overly dramatic if it calls for it. He can be understanding if that's what you need. And he can lacerate you if he feels that's appropriate. But he does it with such a deft touch that it's very entertaining to watch. Jonathan makes an impact early on because he's such a good storyteller."

Analysis: Sounds like Jonathan lasts a while, at least long enough to show these different facets of his "character".

Potential game spoilers
Probst: "These are simply 20 people. Do the five African-Americans represent the African-American community? You have to ask them and I did and, different points of view. Some said "Yeah there's a responsibility." Some said, "Hell no, I'm trying to win a million dollars and I don't really care what your color is if you help me get there.'"

Analysis: Hmm, since Probst didn't spring the tribal division onto the contestants until they got there, when would he have had the opportunity AND the time necessary to ask all five African-American contestants the same question? Oh, right, probably in the first episode, when they're all on a tribe together, and all killing time at Tribal Council.
Probst: "In fact in the second episode the notion of stereotypes and when you perpetuate them comes up... within one tribe. They have a debate about whether they're helping to perpetuate their own stereotype. I mean by behaving in a certain way. And it becomes an argument. It's fascinating."

Analysis: Not much spoiler-related here, except they're still in ethnic tribes in Episode Two. At least long enough for the issue to come up and be discussed.
Probst: "I think it will go down as one of the 5 best seasons we've had:
- We have heroes and underdogs like we haven't had in a long time.
- And three love connections of varying degrees. One of which is the strangest love affair we've ever had on Survivor and I would argue that you've ever seen on any reality show.
- There was more fish caught than any of our past 12 seasons, octopus caught.
- And a record number of blindsides at Tribal Council. That gives you an indication to the level of gameplay. That's a little unusual because these aren't seasoned players. They understood instinctively that it's very important to not necessarily tell the person you're voting out that you're voting them out."
Probst: "What Mark wanted to emphasize this season -- first of all we have some really fun challenges -- great underwater footage and all sorts of stuff going on. He wanted one element in every challenge, that was: thinking. If it was as a group then you're going to have to work together or somebody is going to have to lead you through some sort of a puzzle element where you have to think. We have very few challenges that are just based on brute strength, although we do have a couple, we didn't shy away from them. His idea was - let's force these guys to work together in every capacity."
Probst: "[20 contestants] gives us many more options. I would prefer that we took 20 people every time. It allows you to do fun things like get rid of somebody surprisingly. It allows you to keep the Survivors on their toes. Because they can no longer assume that every three days they're going to get rid of somebody. We could get rid of two people tonight. Or we could get rid of somebody from every tribe this afternoon. We've got enough people to play with it."

Analysis: Let us yawn in advance at the prospect of a quadruple-boot episode. It seemed stupid when (or so we read) The Apprentice tried it. Even lamer when Survivor does it.
Probst: "I can tell you that there is a point in the show where I'm almost positive you'll be rooting for underdogs, regardless of ethnicity. I'm almost certain of that. There's a turning point midway in this show that rocks it in such a beautiful way."

Analysis: We'll see about that.

August 24, 2006: "The Slug" at interviews Jeff Probst, mostly about the racial division, but with some revealing softball questions at the end:

Jeff Probst: "I'm not sure of the exact number, but about 85 percent of the people on the show were recruited. In other words, these are people that did not apply, maybe not have seen Survivor or even cared about Survivor."
[Ed. note: It can't have been all that difficult to find people who don't care about Survivor]

Jeff Probst: "This is the most fun I've had since season one. I think you'll see in the first act. The open to this season is the most energized open we've had since season one. We went back to season one and did the same open because that was the best open we ever did -- put people on a boat and give 'em a couple of minutes to get off."
sunsawed at Survivor Sucks
August 23, 2006: MeSS moderator sunsawed posts the following potentially revealing list of cast connections at Sucks, based on the composition of the MySpace "friends" list at contestant Billy Garcia's MySpace page:

Billy Garcia has FRIENDS.
Candice. Jenny. Adam. Becky. Parvati. Sekou. Cecigato.
Like shootin' fish in a BARREL!"

Later in the thread, BlueDamsel points out that Jenny's friends list includes: "Candice Parvati Becky Billy Cecilia."
August 23, 2006: This seems like as good a place as any to throw this out. While we have received a tip that Becky does "relatively well" and while there is also a report from jazwinski at Sucks that "Adam came back very skinny," we just don't see it.

Below are pics of Adam and Becky, shortly before leaving (June 20th, 2006) and shortly after returning (August 5th, 2006). Neither looks spectacularly skinnier in their "after" pics. To our eyes, anyway:

adam before/after BEcky before/after

Alexis Chiu at
August 23, 2006: People magazine is first to the wire with a cast-release story:

New Survivor to Divide Teams by Race
By Alexis Chiu
   Fueled by critics who slammed its lack of diversity, CBS's Survivor has unveiled a new twist for its upcoming season: Contestants will be divided by ethnicity. When it premieres Sept. 14, Survivor: Cook Islands will feature 20 castaways divided into four tribes: black, white, Asian and Latino.
   'We're going to take some heat for it,' says creator and executive producer Mark Burnett of the twist, which was announced Wednesday morning. 'But it's a great cast.'
    For a show entering its 13th season with steady ratings but ebbing buzz, the decision could be a shot in the arm if it once again generates Survivor water-cooler chatter. 'Some people will think this is controversial. Others will think, "What's the big deal?"' host Jeff Probst tells PEOPLE. 'Either way, it's going to be very interesting.'
    Along with the usual real-estate agents and struggling actors, the cast of characters competing for the $1 million purse includes a heavy-metal guitarist, a female police officer who has been shot in the line of duty, a Vietnam War refugee who manages a nail salon and a gay fashion director for a denim company.    The segregated Survivor grew from an effort to diversify a show that has featured primarily white contestants (and winners – only two of the 12 winners have been minorities). 'We've taken a lot of flack,' says Burnett. But Probst says the main reason for the Emmy-winning show's largely white complexion was a dearth of minority applicants. 'Most of the people who apply are white,' he says. 'That's just a fact.'
    In response, the Survivor casting team scouted for a more diverse group of players everywhere from the Internet to audition tapes for another CBS show, The Amazing Race. Until the tribes merge later in the season, the four teams will battle each other and, perhaps, racial stereotypes.
    'There are going to be people looking for stereotypes: Will this tribe be smarter than this tribe, or will this tribe be faster than this tribe?' says Probst. 'That's why I think it's fun. But five people on a tribe do not represent an entire ethnic group.'
    Set in New Zealand's Cook Islands, the location of the famous mutiny on the HMS Bounty, this season features a pirate theme, including Tribal Councils held on an elaborate shipwreck set built into the rocky coastline of a local island. Whether one ethnicity ends up plundering – or walking the plank – 'This is a game that starts very even,' says Probst. 'Everybody starts the same way with the same materials and the same chance: a 1-in-20 shot at a million bucks.' "

August 15, 2006: Tip to the True Dork Times claims that the Asian-American tribe does well at the start, but eventually gets picked off.

Update: This will probably look accurate around the merge (Cao Boi, Brad and Jenny will all get booted within a few episodes of each other), but Becky and Yul will go much further.

August 15, 2006: A collection of tips and spoilers in semi-chronological order, collectively confirming what appears to be Survivor's most tasteless twist ever - four initial tribes divided by race:

Tips to and the True Dork Times.
July 15, 2006: and the True Dork Times receive an email tip, claiming the following:
"- 20 survivors divided up into 4 groups by race, 5 white, 5 black, 5
hispanic, and 5 asian....
-some survivors could be coming from southern california (like always), nebraska, texas, a couple new yorkers.
- weather has been relatively nice except for heavy rain at the beginning.
- i saw hispanic girl leaving from aitutaki."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
July 15, 2006: MayanSun ( posts the four tribes-by-ethnicity tip at Survivor Sucks, highlighting a quote from Jeff Probst from the time of the S12 finale:

"Could this twist be what JP was thinking about when the following conversation took place on the S12 Red Carpet Finale:
Dalton Ross: 'What else can you tell us about the Cook Islands?'
Jeff Probst: 'Well, we're hoping to do something that we've never done a huge way'."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
July 15, 2006: Wezzie follows up with an apparently supporting story:

"My housekeeper friend was frantic after the Amazing Race final interviews because she had to get the rooms ready because, as she said, 'the Survivor people are coming in tonight.' This was about two or three weeks before the Survivor final interviews were scheduled to begin. I couldn't understand why SEG would have two final interview periods (if they did...., there's no proof)."
Darnell1980 at Survivor Sucks
August 7, 2006: New Sucks poster Darnell1980 warns...

- "they started with 20. you only have 3 contestants correct."
- "Flicka, Adam, Brad."
and... (August 9th): "5 asians; 5 hispanics; 5 afric-americans; 5 caucasians."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
August 9, 2006: Veteran Sucks poster Wezzie adds another tidbit of confirmation...

- "BTW, someone on the other side of the world told me about the Four Races twist 'bout the same time Mayan Sun posted the spoiler. So, we'll see, we'll see."
Darnell1980 at Survivor Sucks
August 9, 2006: Newish Sucks poster Darnell1980 drops another possible four-tribes-by-race related spoiler...

- "i know little boot info, just that the african-am team loses the first challenge."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
August 15, 2006: Another follow-up post by Wezzie, adding further detail...

-"On July 14th, I'd been told, 'There is a twist in the teams which will be controversial in the States.' I passed Mayan Sun's spoiler by my source (on July 17) and was told, 'That is correct. Definitely race against race teams'."
Chinagazer and Outfrongirl at Survivor Sucks
August 8, 2006: Following up on her earlier post at, Chinagazer cross-posts at Sucks, answering questions and posting pictures about some mid-game rewards and challenges:

2) 'Carrying chairs': the chairs I saw are not quite "litters" or "sedan chairs" as they are not covered or closed. The carriers of sedan chairs carry the poles on which the chair is fixed in their hands. On Atiu it was clearly stated that they were carried on the shoulders....
   3) I only saw 3 carrying chairs. I double checked this with my daughter and she too remembers seeing three chairs only.
   5) I have been asked about the identity or description of the participants. I only have this information: I was told that one of the persons who were carried in the chairs to the shack was a 'Japanese' girl and she was crying with emotion. Again, 'Japanese' is the word that was used but it is probable that by 'Japanese' my interlocutor meant that the girl had asiatic features, not that she actually IS Japanese."

Note: Chinagazer's pictures of the "carrying chair" prop is here.

See the rest of the thread for useful deductions on the timing of the challenge in question, particularly the outstanding posts by Outfrontgirl, such as these two:

"Sounds about right for 3 people then. They need a cameraman too. The feast may be F9 as a reward for a 3 person team." and "I have a tip that the visit happened on Day 22 or 23, which is just post-merge. Tip aside, from chinagazer's date of visit (July 21st), the very latest it happened is Day 25/July 20th...."

In short, the best fit seems to be for a post-merge reward challenge with nine contestants left, randomly divided into three groups of three, as it was at the same point in S12.
Chinagazer at
August 2, 2006: At, Chinagazer reports on stories of challenges and rewards held on the island of Atiu (Cook Islands), during Survivor filming:

urvivor on Atiu
   On Atiu I learned that one of the challenges for the participants was to spend the night in the burial caves. Participants were divided in groups, blindfolded and led into the caves, without food, without water, without light. Once in the caves, their blindfolds were removed. They could drink the water from the natural sweet water pools in the caves, but often there are poisonous crabs in these pools (I saw these crabs). The pinch or the bite of these crabs are not poisonous, but when you eat them, they are deadly. Some participants, I was told, screemed with fright (how entertaining!).
    On another occasion, I was told, participants were flown to Atiu for a feast as a bonus. In a shack near a beach, they had a lavish meal. As they were starving, their eyes were bulging when they saw the food. They swallowed the food eagerly, the producers of the series making sure they drank a lot of alcohol. The purpose for that excessive drinking was to make the participants sick fast and good, for that would provide for some good footage (how civilized!) The participants were carried to this shack on the shoulders of locals in carrying chairs.
   I visited the shack and saw the carrying chairs."

theumpire314 at Survivor Sucks
July 31, 2006: Casting/ game play spoiler updates from theumpire314 at Sucks:

Small updates:
-someone posted a picture of a Tracy Stroud but its not her, she is a "young and cute" blonde
-at least one other girl is a model, this one is a young brunette, not as athletic looking, was told she didn't adapt well. Not sure on her name."
mysterysurvivor0 at Survivor Sucks
July 28, 2006: Potentially spoiler-laden Bob Ballantyne update from mysterysurvivor0 at Sucks:

According to my source, Bob Ballantyne's mom has been out of contact over this past week. Apparently she also took time off this week from work.
    Could be nothing, but based on the survivor calendar I've seen, this week we should be left with 7 and 6 people left, so perhaps this means that the loved ones challenge occurs at F7 or F6 and that Bob at least makes F7?"
wickchix at Survivor Sucks
July 17, 2006: Exile Islands spoiler wickchix returns to spread some potential info at Sucks:

Im just getting little tidbits so far. When it all makes sense ill let you know. BTW im getting 20 contestants. And fun double illiminations. - We like those!"
July 14, 2006: A week after blurry pics confirming the rumor of "Tribal council on a ship" were (re-)posted at Survivor Sucks, a source referring to themself as "trotters" sends the True Dork Times and some cleaner, sharper pics of the (apparently) SEG-built ship that serves as the Tribal Council set. No longer a spoiler, really, but presented here, nonetheless:

tc set tc set

DanBollinger at Survivor Sucks
July 14, 2006: Dan Bollinger of SurvivorMaps modestly presents some pictures of Exile Island (which appears to have a faux shipwreck) and some props (sunken masts) from an early challenge. The challenge props are notable because they appear to be color-coded for four separate tribes, indicating that the "exile island" concept is not the only thing in S13 that was recycled from Survivor: Panama - Exile Island:

Make no bones about it, this IS a Survivor Maps Exclusive. While other websites are clawing over themselves getting to the same photos publically posted on the internet, we've been building relationships with locals who enjoy a challenge as much as we do. Here are photos taken shortly before filming began."

Edit: Click the link above to see the pictures.

Helen Greig, writing for the Cook Islands News
July 5, 2006: Helen Greig of the Cook Islands News provides a local update:

"Survivor game starts in Aitutaki
    5 July: Survivor Cook Islands started filming the reality 'game' last Monday. CBS spokesperson Colleen Sullivan and the show's producer Mark Burnett have visited Aitutaki in the past two weeks. The show's celebrity presenter Jeff Probst is also said to have arrived in Rarotonga on Saturday 24 June. Probst and Burnett have been staying at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki.
   No official word on the start date has come from Survivor producers.
   Rarotonga's very own coconut king Piri Purotu was also in Aitutaki to take part in the show late last month. Purotu says he gave a fire making demonstration to producers of the show and was in Aitutaki for three days showing survivors his tropical survival secrets. Purotu says he could not comment on his part on Survivor because of a confidentiality agreement, but it's assumed he was there to show the contestants how to do some basic survival tasks like starting a fire without matches or a lighter.
... Today is tipped to be the third visit to tribal council where one more contestant will be voted off."

Survivor Sucks poster cookislander also points out pictures of Piri Purotu: here.
theumpire314 at Survivor Sucks
June 29, 2006: Brand new Survivor Sucks poster theumpire314 registers to start spreading the news about someone leaving today (or yesterday) from Cook Islands:

Some casting tidbits from someone in the know, I was told this yesterday but don’t remember everything:-the first boot happened yesterday (the day I heard the info)
-no returning players
-the 20s contestants are all “beautiful and buff,” most older ones are in shape
-there’s another cop (he’s older)
-a “patriotic realtor” and he does mountain climbing
-two Tracy’s in the cast, Tracy lynn (not sure on last name) and Tracy Kelly (first and last name, she’s a model)
-a couple first names were mentioned but I dont remember them."
dissimilis at Sucks
May 11, 2006: Survivor Sucks poster dissimilis posts the following, two full days before the Survivor 12 finale:

"I just saw the preview for S13 at work...we are doing some editing for the finale and its officially going to be called Survivor: Cook Islands...they talked about all the pirate stuff, they said Exile Island will be back with a twist and the logo looks a LOT like Pearl Islands with a boat in the top with red and black as the prominent colors."
"here is the logo:
s13 logo"
(Click thumbnail to expand image).
Outfrontgirl at Survivor Sucks
March 26, 2006: Outfrontgirl posts the following info on hotel availability in Aitutaki, giving projected filming dates of June 26th through August 3rd (which match almost exactly with the dates of filming for S11, one year earlier):

I did take a look at Are Tamanu's availability, which you have probably already done? It is blocked out as Available or Request, Request clearly meaning Requested but I'm not sure if that means the reservation is a done deal. They have a great refund policy there, two weeks notice ... so looks like they could back out.I think there's no question it's tentatively booked for Survivor. The ENTIRE resort is booked between MONDAY June 5 through FRIDAY August 4th. It is MOSTLY booked, beginning May 1, through June 5th.
   By mostly I mean ALL the bungalows including the premiere bungalow, but not the two classes of suites. This is not a pattern you would see if these were tourist bookings.
   The Oceanfront Bungalow, which I assume is the best room on the property, is booked from now until April 18th, FWIW. Then again from May 1 through Aug 4th. During the April period, the rest of the resort is mostly available except this one top end room.
   From MONDAY, April 24th the Garden bungalows (CHEAPEST ROOMS, suitable for crew I imagine) are booked continuously through August 17th."
darkonmgd at
March 17, 2006: The Thorn Tree poster darkonmgd posts the following apparent confirmation of Survivor activity on Aitutaki:

"Just came back from Aitutaki and yes it is true. The Crew has actually booked an entire resort for 3 months (starting end of April/May). According to locals, they will be using the islands that UK used. If they do, they will have to dismantle the shelters etc. that the teams made for the UK series. We went to the islands on the Lagoon Cruise. I was actually disappointed that the TV series did not clean up the island afterwards (leave the island in it's pristine state).
    By the way, Aitutaki is the most beautiful place on earth...very hard to describe to people. The beaches/lagoon - breathtaking. The people - they are like one big family!"
Sanveann and ImN2Fun2 at
March 16-27, 2006: Sanveann, and ImN2Fun2, two posters at the travel-related site,'s Aitutaki/Cook Islands forums, report the following:

ImN2Fun2, March 16: "So Much for Aitutaki being a well-kept secret
   Learned today that Aitutaki is being considered for the Next Survivor series. A scout team is on the island looking it over.
   Hate to believe it but I do believe that Aitutaki has gotten mainstream attention. Those that have been there know why you kind of have mixed sentiments about that.
   The island doesnt seem large enough to me to be the final location selected but the scouts will certainly come back with stories about how beautiful it is. Just hope it never gets over developed like Bora Bora or some of the Carribean islands."

Sanveann, March 27: "More news on Survivor
   Hi, everybody ... we just got back, and I will post a trip report in the next couple of days.
We went on the Bishops lagoon cruise on Saturday, and the word was that the Survivor folks have been scoping out two of the motu. I don't know which ones they are, but supposedly, One Foot Island is NOT among them. However, I heard the producers are thinking that Aitutaki is too nice and doesn't have enough scary critters, and they are also looking at New Caledonia."
Dan Bollinger at Survivor Sucks
March 15, 2006: Dan Bollinger posts a newspaper article from the Cook Islands News Online (since deleted, archived at Sucks) that mentions the looming Survivor filming:

"Million-dollar US reality TV bosses scout in Aitutaki
15 March: Scouts from the popular American reality television series Survivor are in the Cook Islands scouting for a possible location for their next series.
   Early this month CBS announced a major round of renewals for their hit TV shows including Survivor. According to locals in Aitutaki, a Survivor 'scouting crew' has been on the island since Monday. If all goes well the Cooks could be the location of the next Survivor television series.
   Aitutaki mayor Teokotai Herman says the team of about 12 are looking at locations and researching other aspects of the viability of the island to host the show. Co-executive producer Kevin Greene is in Aitutaki, leading the scouting mission.
   Herman says they are yet to confirm whether they will use Aitutaki as the next Survivor location. He says that if the show arrives it will be good marketing for the Cook Islands. 'It's going to be good, not only for the island, but for the country,' he said yesterday.
   CI News understands Tourism Cook Islands have been in discussions with the Survivor producers since last year.
   So will they 'outwit, outplay and outlast' in the Cooks for the next season? Internet websites and forums have already pointed to Aitutaki as the location of the thirteenth series. Dan Bollinger of 'Survivor Maps' has already posted maps of Aitutaki on his site.
   Aitutaki was most recently used as the location of the television series Shipwrecked 'Battle of the Islands' where contestants were divided into two teams, the Tigers and the Sharks on Moturakau and Rapota motu.
   Bollinger says the Survivor series could have a 'Mutiny on the Bounty' theme as Captain William Bligh was the first to discover the island just days before the mutiny in 1789. - Helen Greig."
Dan Bollinger at Survivor Sucks
March 7, 2006: Dan Bollinger posts possible motus to be used for filming, suggests preliminary attempts by SEG to reserve the location have already been made:

"This just in, a local said, 'I think they will use One Foot (Tapuaetai),Moturakau,Rapota,and Tekopua.' I've marked the map accordingly. Rapota and Moturakau are likely for Tribal Camps. One Foot has a dock and slight infrastructure for day travelers. Tekopua would be a good place for setting up challenges."

"'A lot of the accommodation on the Island has already been secured for the crew and cast,' says a lodging owner on Aitutaki. Thanks to the internet, we now have a high-res topo map of Aitutaki. I'll post it asap."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
March 4, 2006: An update on the Cooks from Wezzie, giving more of the backstory and additional details (Dan Bollinger updated SurvivorMaps around this time):

"Back on December 25, Dan Bollinger and I received a Xmas gift, 'Survivor is going to film in The Cook Islands in 2006.' But, around the same time, local sources in Panama and friends on the crew told us that Survivor was in returning to Panama. After hearing Jeff's comment during the teleconference, I posted the hint (above) about the Cooks.
   From what Dan and I understand, SEG has been negotiating with both the Cook Islands and New Caledonia for 2006 filming locations. "
Lord Balfor at
March 3, 2006: Word from the Cook Islands (via Lord Balfor at the Fodor's forums) - Survivor going to Aitutaki? :

"Survivor to film next Seasons Episodes on Aitutaki
    Word in the Cooks is that this coming fall's episodes of Survivor are to be filmed on one of the motus (islets) of Aitutaki. Apparently filming is to begin in May."
Wezzie at Survivor Sucks
January 30, 2006: Following a pre-S12 Jeff Probst teleconference, Wezzie shoots down previous rumors that Panama might be a location for S13, but raises a new possibility, based on a tip she and Dan Bollinger received from a source:

"Okey dokey, according to JP the next series will be in a 'destination', will not be a theme show, like Exile Is. Maybe Panama is out."

"Cooks Is is a possibility."
Have some info we missed? We'll take it: Click here