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(An immodest compendium of Survivor: China contestant information)
Episode 13 (finale)
Chances of survival
Reasons for survival.
Reasons for boot.
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Alleged contestants Prospects for survival
Amanda Kimmel
Ep13: Safe | Overall: Winner?
- Probst: In final nine?
- DanieuBleau: Final three.
- BlutoDelta: Amanda won!
- Unclear.
Todd Herzog
Ep13: Safe | Overall: Second?
- Probst: In final nine?
- DanieuBleau: Final three.
- BlutoDelta: Second place.
- Unclear.
Courtney Yates
Ep13: Safe | Overall: Third?
- Probst: In final nine?
- DanieuBleau: Final three.
- Unclear.

The jury: Please use this time to come up with an incoherent, angry tirade
Denise Martin
Ep13: Voted out, 3-1? | Overall: Seventh juror
- DanieuBleau: Final four.
- Probst: In final nine?
- Unclear.
Peih-Gee Law
Ep12: Voted out, 4-1 | Overall: Sixth juror
- SF/Vern: In final five.
- Probst: In final nine?
- DanieuBleau: F5 boot.
Erik Huffman
Ep11: Voted out, 4-2 | Overall: Fifth juror
- Probst: In final nine?
- DanieuBleau: In final nine.
- smokeitgood: Online before filming ended?
- DanieuBleau: F6 boot.
James Clement
Ep10: Voted out, 5-1-1 | Overall: Fourth juror
- Probst: In final nine.
- SurvivorSkills: Finds hidden immunity idol(s).
- DanieuBleau: F7 boot.
- SSkills: Switched, Ep5.
Mike 'Frosti' Zernow
Ep9: Voted out, 7-1 | Overall: Third juror
- SF/Vern: Makes jury.
- Probst: In final nine?
- SF/Vern: Circa 6th place?
- DanieuBleau: F8 boot.
- SSkills: Switched, Ep5.
Jean-Robert (Bobby) Bellande
Ep8: Voted out, 5-3-1 | Overall: Second juror
- Probst: In final nine? - DanieuBleau: early jury?
Jaime Dugan
Ep7: Voted out, 7-3 | Overall: First juror
- DanieuBleau: Final nine. - DanieuBleau: F10 boot.

The non-jurors: Not to worry, you're only a phone call away from ASS2
Sherea Lloyd
Ep6: Voted out, 5-2 | Overall: Sixth boot
- Unclear. - DanieuBleau: Out early.
- SSkills: Switched, Ep5.
Aaron Reisberger
Ep5: Voted out, 3-1-1 | Overall: Fifth boot
- Unclear. - SSkills: Switched, Ep5.
- SurvivorSkills: Ep5 boot.
Dave Cruser
Ep4: Voted out, 5-1 | Overall: Fourth boot
- Unclear. - Probst's unliked leader?
- SurvivorSkills: 3rd boot.
Leslie Nease
Ep3: Voted out, 6-2 | Overall: Third boot
- Unclear. - DanieuBleau: 3rd/4th boot?
ashley massaro
Ep2: Voted out, 6-1 | Overall: Second boot
- Unclear. - PWMania: "Got bounced early." (SSkills endorsed).
- SurvivorSkills: 2nd out.
Steve 'Chicken' Morris
Ep1: Voted out, 5-2-1 | Overall: First boot
- Unclear. - SurvivorSkills: First boot.
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