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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 4: "Ride the Workhorse 'Til the Tail Falls Off" Filmed: July 4-6, 2007
Airdate: October 11, 2007
Episode 4: Summary | RC| Hidden Idol | IC | Boot
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Survivor: China episode 4 spoiler/ speculation summary
fireworks    For the first time (as far as we can tell), and fittingly in the birthplace of gunpowder, Survivor makes an oblique nod to their 4th of July filming date, by having the contestants do something that ends up setting off fireworks. Then, naturally, the winners learn how to fish. Probst's preview (see below) shows those winners are Fei Long.

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Kidnapped Dave?    Who will be kidnapped by the RC-winning tribe? Well, this week's Probst-narrated preview at Yahoo! TV shows Jean-Robert and Fei Long enjoying their reward, apparently accompanied by Dave (unless we're just blind).

Click here to find out.
warrior james   This challenge, as previewed by Jeff Probst in a YouTube video, will apparently allow the tribes (or at least one person from each) to dress up in Chinese warrior costumes as they do battle.

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boot    Someone will be departing the show, for a (what's left of) 39-day vacation. The two most likely suspects this week are Dave and Sherea, with Dave seeming a bit more out in front.

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