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Episode 13: "A Slippery Little Sucker" (Season finale) Filmed: July 31-Aug.2, 2007
Airdate: Sun., Dec. 16, 2007
Episode 13: Summary | RC | IC | Boot | Jury vote
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Survivor: China episode 13 detailed jury vote spoilers/ speculation
 The jury (now back to seven members) will again vote on the final three contestants. SurvivorSkills says those three are Amanda, Courtney and Todd. Who will take home the million?

   Below we've put the seven jurors and their relative preference for the final three (as we see it). This could change as the show airs, so it's a working model (as are Courtney and Amanda). Read on...

  Why on earth should I vote for...
  Amanda Courtney Todd
Jaime - Unclear. May receive an anti-Todd vote. - Did they even talk? - Unclear, although she appeared to see Todd as her strongest opponent on the other side.
Jean Robert - Possible. A potential anti-Todd vote. - While he called her the luckiest girl in Survivor history, this seems fairly unlikely. - He made very clear that Todd would pay if he voted out the poker dude.
Frosti - Unclear. Apparently they were on the same tribe together. Who knew? - Maybe. His closest friend among the three. - Probably not.
James - Possible, she was involved in giving him the idol. Also his boot, though (as was Todd). - Unclear why he would do so. - Possible, but it seems unlikely he'd vote for the "stewardess," especially if Jean-Robert talks to him at all in the jury lounge.
Erik - Possible. He could vote for the "nicer" of the three remaining. - Unlikely. - Probably not a huge difference between Todd and Amanda as far as Erik's concerned. Could vote Todd.
Peih-Gee - Seems fairly likely. - Unlikely. - Possible, but she seems a tad bitter at him.
Denise - Our guess, although not 100% certain. It depends whether Amanda helps boot her. - Unlikely. - Possible, but she seems more closely tied to the two women than to Todd.
Projected vote totals: Amanda - 4?; Courtney - 1?; Todd - 2?
Projected winner: Amanda?

So who wins? Amanda and Todd have each controlled a lot of the game, although for the most part, only the later boots got to see that. Todd will get a lot of the juror hostility for booting people, and Courtney will get a lot of anger for being there solely as a coattail rider. That leaves Amanda as the most likely beneficiary of the anti-Todd, anti-Courtney votes, although she did actually win a number of votes, including (especially) Peih-Gee's. So she's in the best position. And besides, BlutoDelta says she won.

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