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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 13: "A Slippery Little Sucker" (Season finale) Filmed: July 31-Aug.2, 2007
Airdate: Sun., Dec. 16, 2007
Episode 13: Summary | RC | IC | Boot | Jury vote
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Survivor: China episode 13 final four immunity challenge spoilers/ speculation
  So far, we know from the challenge board that there is a challenge here, and it's called "Offer It Up." We're guessing (especially from the title) the preparation for it will include the hackneyed, eyeroll-inducing tradition of honoring past bootees. Hopefully there will be some sort of challenge involved as well, especially since the RC winner has an advantage they're hoping to press.

Immunity challenge pictures: click to view larger picture
Probst claims things will get interesting. We disagree. disgruntled-looking Denise  

   Who wins? No idea, although SurvivorSkills reported before Ep1 that Denise gets the boot here, and in confirmation, the post-Ep12 preview included a shot of Denise looking fairly unhappy, apparently in this challenge. Our guess is the challenge just ended, and she lost. No guess who wins, though.
   CBS does offer this: "During the final Immunity Challenge, one castaway feels vulnerable and tries to swing a deal to get to the final three. Will the competitor bite?" Nope, not much help, either. We'll guess Amanda wins, for no other reason than we're guessing Amanda wins elsewhere.

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