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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 1: "A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter" Filmed: June 25-27, 2007
Airdate: September 20, 2007
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Survivor: China production Challenge Board Spoilers (CBS)
  As first noted by SOUP at Sucks, CBS uploaded a video on YouTube (and AOL, and eventually on Innertube) featuring behind-the-scenes footage, in which Jeff Probst walks around the various production departments, chatting with SEG bigwigs. Within a few hours, a fine collective effort by the spoilers at Survivor Sucks had deciphered what looks like a list of the final nine contestants on a challenge-design white board, and relevant details of future challenges on the challenge board.

CBS behind the scenes videos (see all):
- "Survivor China - A Tour Of Base Camp" (added 9/11/07)
- "Survivor China - What Is a Dreamteamer?" (added 9/14/07)
- "Survivor:China - The Walk to a Challenge" (added 9/18/07)
- "Survivor China - Anatomy of a Challenge" ("Great Wall of Zhelin," added 9/18/07)
- "A Day in the Life of Jeff Probst" (Day 15, has Ep5 IC and Ep6 RC footage; added 9/20/07)

   As first postulated by SFC, along with a strong collective effort from other Sucks posters, using caps posted by VolcanicGlass, the following list of contestants shows up (to our eyes) in the bottom right-hand corner of the white board behind John Kirhoffer:

James, Erik, Peih-Gee, Frosti, Jean-Robert, Courtney, Amanda, Courtney, Denise, Todd

Update (9/18): DanieuBleau at SurvivorSkills says this list is accurate, except for one name: Jean-Robert is not in the final nine, and Jaime is.

reward challenge reward challenge  

   Also included in the CBS behind-the-scenes footage were two lengthy previews of the plans for future challenges. One, in the Challenges Office, was the grid of planned (and executed) challenges that John Kirhoffer demonstrates. We've tried to decipher the grainy video as best as possible below (see also: vidcaps at the bottom of the page, and the challenge board thread at Sucks).
   The other major assistance is a brief glimpse of the actual shooting calendar, in the same video, where Probst stops by the Production Office (see shots below). Oddly, that calendar seems to be somewhere in the second week (Eps. 3-4), while the Kirhoffer segment appears to be during Ep8 (at least based on the nine names on the white board). Regardless, caveat emptor: both segments were shot during filming, and the challenges scheduled to take place after Probst shot the video could easily be swapped out at a later date (as happened under these circumstances in Palau).

   Notes: The cards to the right of the main 3x14 grid on the challenge board are ideas not currently (planned to be) in use. The sketches above are the design concepts for the challenge. Also, we've also re-numbered the last three episodes, to intentionally overlook the fact that Ep11 is scheduled to be a "clip show" (to be aired on Thanksgiving day).

Episode RC IC
1 (16 left) No RC "Dragon Dance" - winner gets fire; see also Ep1 IC spoilers
2 (15 left) ? ?; see also Ep2 IC spoilers
3 (14 left) ? "Blade Runner"; see Ep3 IC spoilers
4 (13 left) "Great Balls of Fire" (night challenge, filmed at Tribal Council); reward - "local fisherman with cormorants." See also Ep4 RC spoilers. "Warriors' Duel" - See YouTube video. See also Ep4 IC spoilers.
5 (12 left) No RC - card says "Switch"; reward - "basket with luxury items." See also Switch spoilers. "Plunge, Pull & Pop" - See YouTibe video. See also Ep5 IC spoilers.
6 (11 left) "Search and Decode"; reward - "Ultimate (bathroom?) experience." See YouTube video. See also Ep6 RC spoilers. "Name That Spoon" (gross food challenge). See also Ep6 IC spoilers.
7 (10 left) No RC - card says "Merge"; reward - "Merge feast and show." See also Merge spoilers. "Retention to Detail". See also Ep7 IC spoilers.
Bottom row
8 (9 left) ? ?
9 (8 left) ? ?
10 (7 left) "?"; reward - "Shaolin Temple" trip? See also Ep10 RC spoilers. ?
11 (6 left) "Marco Polo" (loved ones visit); reward - "Sprint." See also Ep11 RC spoilers. ?
12 (5 left) "Zen Archery"; reward - Great Wall visit. See also Ep12 RC spoilers. "Chinese Leftovers" (super-challenge). See also Ep12 IC spoilers.
13 (4 left) "The Great Wall of Zhelin" (see YouTube video); reward - "Advantage" (in IC). See also Ep13 RC spoilers. "Offer It Up." See also Ep13 IC spoilers.
"Challenge Board" (challenge planning grid)
challenge board challenge board challenge board
challenge board challenge board challenge board
challenges - design sketches challenges - design sketches challenges - design sketches
challenges - design sketches    
Production office - shooting calendar
shooting calendar shooting calendar shooting calendar
shooting calendar    
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