Julie Berry - Survivor: Vanuatu

Seasons: 1 | Days played: 36 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

  • Survivor 9: Vanuatu (2004) - 5th place, 14th out - 5th juror.
  • Voted out in Episode 13, "Eruptions of Volcanic Magnitude" (Day 36).

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Julie Berry - Career statistics

Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats Overall stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S9: Vanuatu 2.34 12.24 0.19 4 4 9 0.44 1.56 - - - 0.63 3.90
Career 2.34 12.24 0.19 4 4 9 0.44 1.56 - - - 0.63 3.90


Julie Berry - Performance ranks

Challenges: MPF percentile


Tribal: VFB% percentile


Tribal: rVAP percentile


Performance ranks are a quick visual measure of the contestant's season vs. historical data from all prior contestants, in three basic (scorable) categories:

1. Performance in individual challenges (MPF), as a measure of "physical game";

2. Ability to vote people out consistently (VFB%, or VFB/TCA), or "strategic game"; and

3. Ability to avoid being voted against (rVAP, or TCA-VAP) - which scales better than a percentage would - for "social/strategic game."

See also: Full glossary for all these abbreviations.


Julie Berry - Challenge record
Survivor 9 logo  S9: Vanuatu

Four on the Floor - Ep2 IC

Tribal/team challenge record (9-for-14):

  • Vanuatu Ep. 1 RC/IC: "Fire Starter" - Yasur performs well out of the gate (thanks mostly to Chris); Yasur wins.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 2 RC: "By the Numbers" - Yasurs all get across; Yasur wins again.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 2 IC: "Four on the Floor" - Tethered to Mia; thanks to Scout's forgetting a piece, Yasur loses.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 3 RC: "Great Escape Run" - Participates, but Yasur loses on the reward portion.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 4 RC: "Remembrance" - Makes Yasur's third match, Yasur wins (Dah!).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 4 IC: "Tribal Tiles" - Places tiles for Yasur, and Yasur wins again.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 5 RC: "Dive Masters" - Now with New Lopevi, which is all-powerful. Lopevi wins.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 5 IC: "Outwit, Outplay, Outrig" - Retrieves the paddles with Chad, Lopevi wins again.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 6 RC: "Pig Pen" - Operates the gate, Lopevi wins again.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 6 IC: "Strung Out" - Moves the float well enough for yet another New Lopevi win.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 7 RC: "Jo Coconut" - Competes, and somehow, Lopevi loses.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 7 IC: "Shoot Your Way Home" - Shoots a slingshot at plates, Lopevi loses (narrowly) again.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 8 RC: "Fire Fighter" - One last new Lopevi win in the final tribal challenge.
  • Vanuatu Ep. 10 RC: "Sacrificial Lamb" - Sacrificial lamb for the losing team, with Scout, Twila, and Leann.


Redemption - Ep13 RC

Individual challenge record (1-for-10): (Mean % Finish: 60.1%)

  • Vanuatu Ep. 8 IC: "Jumper" - With Leann, a distant 4th/5th in the first heat (bottom 3/10).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 9 RC: "Head Hunter" - Targets Chad and Scout, but 5th person eliminated (5th/9).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 9 IC: "Memory Mosaic" - With Leann, eliminated in the fourth and final round (tie-2nd/9)
  • Vanuatu Ep. 10 IC: "Get A Grip" - No elapsed time shown, but first to drop out (8th/8).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 11 RC: "Played Out" - Reaches final tie-breaker vs. Eliza, whiffs on final question (2nd/7).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 11 IC: "Love Is Blind" - with Justin, fourth to start the puzzle , doesn't win (4th/7).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 12 RC: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - Finishes just behind Chris, barely missing out on the reward trip (4th/6).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 12 IC: "Island Hopping" - While briefly in the lead, does not win (tie-2nd/6).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 13 RC: "Redemption" - Reaches the final round, and Julie wins! (1st/5).
  • Vanuatu Ep. 13 IC: "Warrior" - Does not win, losing to Eliza (2nd/5).


Hero challenge/ duel record (0-for-0):

  • Vanuatu: None.
Career totals - challenges
Team/tribal challenges
Wins: 9
Played: 14
Win%: 0.64
Sat out: --
Individual challenges
Wins: 1
Played: 10
Win%: 0.10
Mean% Finish: 60.1%
Hero challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: --
Mean% Finish: --
Julie Berry - Tribal Council record
Survivor 9 logo  S9: Vanuatu

Ep13 Tribal Council

Idols held/played (0/0):

  • Vanuatu: None.


VFB - Votes for the person booted (4/9):


VAP - Votes against (4):

  • Vanuatu, Ep. 9: One vote, from Chad.
  • Vanuatu, Ep. 13: Three votes, from Chris, Twila, and Scout (voted out, 3-2).


Jury votes made (1/1):

Career totals - Tribal Council
Hidden idols/ advantages
Advantages held/played: 0
Idols found: 0
Idols played: --
Votes voided: --
Voting record
VFB: 4
Tribals: 9
VAP: 4
Jury votes
Made: 1
For winners: 1
Received: --
Julie Berry - Pictures
Survivor 9 logo  S9: Vanuatu
  • Julie Berry S9
    Vanuatu intro shot
  • Julie Berry S9
    Vanuatu intro shot
  • Julie Berry S9
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep1 RC/IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep2 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Yasur wins! Ep2 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Crashing into Bubba and Brady, Ep2 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Watching Scout and Leann trying to snag a key, Ep3 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Yasur watches the immunity portion of the Ep3 RC/IC from the sidelines
  • Julie Berry S9
    Yasur tribe, Ep3 Tribal Council
  • Julie Berry S9
    Listening to Twila arguing with Mia
  • Julie Berry S9
    Listening to the Ep4 RC treemail
  • Julie Berry S9
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep4 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    The winning Yasur tribe, post-Ep4 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Enjoying Dah's sugar cane advice, Ep4 reward
  • Julie Berry S9
    Thrilled that Scout is now 'chief,' apparently. Ep5
  • Julie Berry S9
    Look at the size of that thing!
  • Julie Berry S9
    Now diving for New Lopevi, Ep5 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    New Lopevi wins!
  • Julie Berry S9
  • Julie Berry S9
    Aqua-bonding with Twila
  • Julie Berry S9
    Waiting for the rest of the canoe, Ep5 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Helpfully holding the gate open for others to catch some pigs, Ep6 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    New Lopevi, about to win again, Ep6 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
  • Julie Berry S9
    Trying to lead Sarge astray, Ep8
  • Julie Berry S9
    Mission accomplished
  • Julie Berry S9
    About to be merged, Ep8
  • Julie Berry S9
    Enjoying Sarge's Ep8 IC win
  • Julie Berry S9
    Yay, new flag!
  • Julie Berry S9
    Bonding via body paint
  • Julie Berry S9
    Trying to lead the host astray, Ep8
  • Julie Berry S9
    Hey, everyone got one right!
  • Julie Berry S9
    Not planning to wash that heart off anytime soon
  • Julie Berry S9
    Ready for Leann to take her on reward, Ep9
  • Julie Berry S9
    Glad for the chance to talk strategy with Leann. Also: wings.
  • Julie Berry S9
    Mmm, wingy.
  • Julie Berry S9
    Handing out leftover wings to the women, Ep9
  • Julie Berry S9
    And the bones to the men (and women)
  • Julie Berry S9
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep9 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Getting checked out by Probst
  • Julie Berry S9
    Alinta tribe, Ep9 Tribal Council
  • Julie Berry S9
    Thanks for throwing me under the bus, Sarge
  • Julie Berry S9
    Getting passed through the obstacles, Ep10 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    First one out, Ep10 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Enjoying the 'internet cafe,' Ep11
  • Julie Berry S9
    Second chance with the loved ones: Ep11 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Go! All of you! Go!
  • Julie Berry S9
    Seems legit
  • Julie Berry S9
    Yay! It's... a Pontiac? Ep 12 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Leading, Ep12 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Getting muddy, Ep13 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Ready for the semifinal round, Ep13 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Battling Twila in the final round
  • Julie Berry S9
    About to win, Ep13 RC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Enjoying the reward, with Chris
  • Julie Berry S9
    Answering a question, Ep13 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Just about to lose to Eliza, Ep13 IC
  • Julie Berry S9
    Watching the vote reveal, Ep13 Tribal
  • Julie Berry S9
    And done. Snuffed, Day 35 (Episode 13)
Julie Berry - Interviews
Survivor 9 logo  S9: Vanuatu

Pre-game interviews

  • None found.


Post-game interviews

  • Angel Cohn at TVGuideOnline (12/14/04): "Survivor Flasher Flunks Out"
  • David Bloomberg at RealityNewsOnline (1/24/05): "'He Played Me': An Interview With Survivor: Vanuatu's Julie"
  • NiceGuy286 at RealityShack.com (circa 2005?): "Interview with Julie Berry of Survivor: Vanuatu"
Julie Berry - Bio
Survivor 9 logo  S9: Vanuatu

From her official CBS Vanuatu bio page:

"Julie Berry was born in Lewiston, Maine. She was adopted and separated from her only biological sibling when she was 5 years old. She grew up in Gorham, Maine, with a very intellectually stimulating and expansive family who encouraged individuality and creativity. Her parents, Judy and Les, have been happily married for more than 30 years. Her brother, Chris, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with his wife, Kate, and has just passed the bar exam.

Berry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Community Development with a minor in Psychology from East Carolina University in North Carolina. Her junior year, she traveled to California through the National Student Exchange to attend school at California State University at Northridge. A Native American, Berry is from the Maliseet tribe and is a member of the East Carolina Native American Organization. Previously, she worked as a behavioral interventionist for children who are also adopted and facing social and emotional issues. She plans to further her studies by pursuing her Masters in Counseling.

Very recently, Berry was reunited with her biological sister and considers it the most magical and important experience of her life.

Berry describes herself as restless, playful and reflective. Traveling has become her ultimate experience. Currently single, she resides in Gorham, Maine. Her birth date is December 15, 1980."