Dave Johnson - Survivor: The Amazon
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Seasons: 1 | Days: 24 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

Survivor: The Amazon (2003) - 9th place, 8th out - 1st juror.

  • Voted out in Episode 8, "Sleeping With the Enemy" (Day 24).

Dave Johnson - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S6: The Amazon 1.88 4.60 0.41 2 8 5 0.36 0.93 - - - 0.77 2.81
Career 1.88 4.60 0.41 2 8 5 0.36 0.93 - - - 0.77 2.81
Dave Johnson - Challenge record
  • S6 logo The Amazon challenges
    Unchained - Ep1 IC
    Log Jam - Ep6 RC

    Tribal/team challenge record (6-for-11):

    • The Amazon Ep. 1 IC: "Unchained" - Helps work the puzzle with Rob, but Tambaqui loses.
    • The Amazon Ep. 2 RC: "Flip Out" - Collects and places planks, as Tambaqui loses again.
    • The Amazon Ep. 2 IC: "Total Recall" - Scores a point on his question, and Tambaqui wins, 6-4.
    • The Amazon Ep. 3 RC: "Matchmaker" - Not shown making a match, Tambaqui loses.
    • The Amazon Ep. 3 IC: "The Great Escape" - Fails at hacking a knot with a machete, Tambaqui loses.
    • The Amazon Ep. 4 RC: "Light My Fire" - The men prove superior at shielding fire, Tambaqui wins Coke.
    • The Amazon Ep. 4 IC: "Gone Fishin'" - The dudes catch a lot of fish, Tambaqui wins again.
    • The Amazon Ep. 5 IC: "Up the Creek" - Paddles hard to help New Tambaqui catch up, but Tambaqui loses.
    • The Amazon Ep. 6 RC: "Log Jam" - Beats Alex in his only (shown) matchup, Tambaqui wins, 5-4.
    • The Amazon Ep. 6 IC: "Piranha Feast" - Gnaws meat efficiently; Tambaqui wins.
    • The Amazon Ep. 8 RC: "Mud Bungee" - Part of the winning purple team with Deena and Alex. Advances to finals.


    Individual challenge record (1-for-3): (Mean % finish: 67.4%)

    • The Amazon Ep. 7 IC: "Perch" - Jumps at 1 hr, 51 min, (with Matt) for buffalo wings (3rd/10).
    • The Amazon Ep. 8 RC: "Mud Bungee" - Beats Deena and Alex (3-2-1) in the final round; takes Deena (1st/3).
    • The Amazon Ep. 8 IC: "Face Off" - Gets both questions right, but 2nd person eliminated (8th/9).


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • The Amazon: None.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 6
    Played: 11
    Win%: 0.55
    Sat out: --
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 1
    Played: 3
    Win%: 0.33
    Mean% Finish: 64.7%
  • Duels
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: --
    Mean% Finish: --
Dave Johnson - Tribal Council record
  • S6 logo The Amazon Tribal
    Ep.1 Tribal Council
    Ep.7 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played: (0/0)

    • The Amazon: None.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (2/5):


    VAP - Votes against (8):

    • The Amazon, Ep. 8: Eight votes, from Jenna, Matt, Rob, Butch, Heidi, Christy, Alex, and Deena (voted out, 8-1).


    Jury votes made (1/1):

Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 0
    Played: 0
    Votes voided: --
  • Voting record
    VFB: 2
    Tribals: 5
    VAP: 8
  • Jury votes
    Made: 1
    For winners: 1
    Received: --
Dave Johnson - Pictures
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Dave Johnson - Interviews
Dave Johnson - Bio
  • S6 logo The Amazon bio

    From his official CBS Survivor: The Amazon cast bio page:


    "Dave Johnson was born and raised in Ellicott City, Md. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on aeronautics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. He currently works for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a rocket scientist. He has previously worked as a structural test engineer and a meat science research technician.


    Johnson's hobbies include body womping (defined as body surfing waves in Orange County, Calif.), rock climbing and drinking beer. He describes himself as spontaneous, logical and omnipresent. If he could be any super hero, he would like to be James Bond. He is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Cal Tech Athletic Facilities. His favorite sports are soccer, pole vault, and frolf (frisbee golf). Last summer, he pedaled across the United States with three friends for two months and only took three showers. He wants the $1 million and he's going to buy a new car and start his own beef jerky company when he gets it.


    Johnson is currently single and resides in Pasadena, Calif. His birth date is January 16, 1979."