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Episode 6
"Hog Tied"

Filmed July 10-12, 2004
Airs October 21, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -Feeling vulnerable, one castaway gives an impassioned, persuasive speech in hopes of breaking the tribe's alliances.
-In a piglet-herding Reward Challenge, could one tribe's chance of winning be hurt by a member's fear of handling pigs?
-Things get very relaxed at one camp, where one castaway decides to do some nude sunbathing, and a walk to gather food fuels an alliance.
-Conflicted over how to vote in the upcoming Tribal Council, one castaway prays for a sign to guide the decision. POOF! The sign appears.
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CBS Ep6 web promo
Uploaded October 15, 2004
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Voiceover: Survivor Thursday... with good ol' boy Bubba gone, can Rory survive the all-woman tribe?
Rory: I will not slave around camp if I do not have a shot at making it through Tribal Council.
Voiceover: And, on the other side of the island, could Julie's sex appeal sway the male-dominated alliance?
Julie: I like flirting, I could flirt all day long.
Chris: Somebody like that can sweet-talk their way into the final five.
Voiceover: Plus the tribes get wet and wild.
Probst (RC): Time to get dirty!
Voiceover: win immunity. A new Survivor, CBS Thursday.


Post-Ep5 TV preview
Aired October 14, 2004

Probst: Next time on Survivor... Rory makes a daring move.
Rory: I will not continue to slave around camp if I do not have a shot at making it through Tribal Council.
Rory (confessional): My speech was so cheesy, I couldn't even believe I was saying it.
Probst: And the clothes come off at Lopevi.
Chad: I think the coed thing is working well in our tribe now.


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