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Episode 7
"Girls Gone Wilder"

Filmed Nov. 22-24, 2002
Airs Wed., March 26, 2003

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's final words,
, RC, 4, IC, 6.
Episode descriptions
CBS: A distraught Alex struggles over Shawna's departure.
The mysterious locked box brings sweeping changes to the tribes.
All eyes are on two women who strip in order to win their favorite food items at a Challenge.
One Survivor's smooth talk with the ladies irks Rob, who vows to target the suave tribe member.  
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Ad 3
Ep7 web promo #2

Variation on Ad 2. New footage shown here. TV version aired 3/26, TV caps replace web ones.
Uploaded: 3/21/03


(New audio below)
Voiceover: "Wednesday, on a special night, one castaway thinks he controls the game."
Roger: "It's too good to be true!"
Voiceover: "But is he living a fantasy?"
Alex: "He's obnoxious, he's bossy."
Voiceover: "Plus...."

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Ep7 web promo

Parts of this aired on TV, 3/21. TV caps replace web ones where possible.

Uploaded: 3/20/03


Voiceover: "First the women fought the men..."
Heidi: "We're the Amazon chicks."
Voiceover: "Now they live together."
Deena: "They think that we are so stupid."
Dave: "They're looking to go packing."
Voiceover: "Wednesday, on a special night..."
Deena: "The boys are gonna be sweatin'."
Voiceover: "...a Survivor surprise that's gonna blow the whole game..."
Jenna: "Heidi, do you wanna do it?"
Voiceover: "...wide open."
Roger: "Yeah!"
Butch: "I'm not looking!"

Ad 1
Post-Ep6 TV preview
Aired: 3/19/03


Probst (voiceover) : "Next time on a special Wednesday edition of Survivor..."
Rob (holding key): "There it is!"
Jenna: "Here's the key!"
Probst: "The tribes learn the secret of the locked box."
Deena: "I don't think I've seen Jaburu move that fast. Ever."
Probst: "And it all comes off at the Immunity Challenge."
Jenna: "Heidi, do you want to pull your pants down?"
Butch: "Oh my, I'm not looking!"
Alex(?): "Oh I'm looking, you kidding me?"

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