Well, in theory... - Pat Ferrucci's Survivor: Winners at War recaps
Well, in theory... - Winners at War
Maybe some informed predictions this time?

Pre-season: Maybe some informed predictions this time?

Published: February 5, 2020


Pat takes an in-depth look at the picks and snubs from the complete pool of Survivor champs who were available to play Winners at War, then proceeds to rank the chances of those 20 actually picked to win against the other winners here.


Pat Ferrucci Survivor recapsPat Ferrucci started watching Survivor when episode two of Borneo first aired. He's seen every episode since. Besides recapping here, he'll be live-tweeting this season from the Mountain Time Zone. Why? Because nobody cares about the Mountain Time Zone except when they want to ski. Follow him @patferrucci for Survivor stuff and tweets about anything and everything that enters his feeble mind. 

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