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May, 2019

Kaiser Island - Edge of Extinction
Episode 13: Not living on the Edge tonight

By Ryan Kaiser | Published: May 10, 2019

Ryan revisits an episode that mostly just recycled the usual idol antics, as the finale clock ticked down, and imagines a time better spent: With lots of Reem. Lots and lots of Reem. (Also some Aurora and Lauren, but mostly Reem.)

Jeff Pitman's Survivor: Edge of Extinction recaps
Episode 12: Death by 1000 shows: The edit vs. Rick Devens

By Jeff Pitman | Published: May 5, 2019

In which Jeff explores how Rick Devens is the latest example of a larger-than-life Survivor character who presents the editors with a dilemma: Show more of him, and risk irritating fans by overexposure, or show less of him, and worry the show becomes less entertaining to watch?

Kaiser Island - Edge of Extinction
Episode 12: Thanks for the honeymoon

By Ryan Kaiser | Published: May 3, 2019

Ryan recaps a tear-soaked episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction: From the tear at the bottom of Ron's advantage menu, to the contestants' tears of enduring Probst's talk-show questioning with their loved ones, to the salty splashes on the loved ones in the challenge, to Ryan's own tears at the Reem vs. Wardog showdown at the Edge being cut for time.


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