Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode 5 boxscore
Episode 5 boxscore

By Jeff Pitman | Published: October 20, 2016

We have the numbers for the episode with expanding number of tribes, here in convenient tabular form.

Pat Ferrucci's Well, in theory - S33, Ep.4: Dissonance dismisses silence
Episode 4: Dissonance dismisses silence

By Pat Ferrucci | Published: October 18, 2016

Pat Ferrucci ponders cognitive dissonance, and posits that it explains Jessica's inability to trust Ken's otherwise credible information that Lucy was targeting her, leading to David's idol play.

Jeff Pitman recap - S33, Ep4: The Wright move
Episode 4: The Wright move

By Jeff Pitman | Published: October 17, 2016

Idols, idols everywhere (but no goats), as Jeff Pitman discusses their surprisingly effective discovery and use during Episode 4 of Millennials vs. Gen X. With vidcaps.

Andy Baker's The Baker's Dozen - S33, Ep.4: Changing gears
Episode 4: Changing gears

By Andy Baker | Published: October 15, 2016

Andy Baker feels newly liberated, pondering idols, bad newbie strategy, more idols, and more bad newbie strategy. And praise for Jeff Probst!

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