San Juan del Sur content (more to come):
Survivometer 29
Survivometer 29: San Juan del Sur contestant info/rankings, eventually.
Survivor 29 calendar
San Juan del Sur calendar: What happened, when. Speculation except as noted.
The Baker's Dozen
The Baker's Dozen: Survivor Cagayan recaps and analysis from Andy Baker.
Pitman Survivor 28 recaps
TDT's Cagayan recaps: Episodic opining and griping by Jeff Pitman.
Survivor 28 vidcaps
TDT's Vidcap Galleries: A recap in pictures, with bonus irrelevant captions.
Survivometer 28
Survivometer 28: Cagayan contestant info/rankings, updated as the show airs.
Survivor 28 calendar
Cagayan calendar: What happened, when. May contain pictures of challenges.
Survivor 28 scores
Cagayan scores: Pairing incomprehensible initialisms with arcane formulas, since S23.
Older Survivor seasons stuff
Survivor contestant database
Survivor contestant database: In-depth Survivor cast info, stats, pictures, and performance records. (In progress.)
Survivor scores
Survivor scores: Cross-seasonal (S1-S26) Survivor contestant rankings and leaderboards.
Survivor index
Survivor index: Your entryway to all past (and current) Survivor season coverage.
Older stuff you probably shouldn't have read at True Dork Times
All the crap that formerly happened. Circa: ancient. Visit the TDT archives.