Pat Ferrucci's Well, in theory - S33, Ep.12: Will seeks his trophy, Zeke hits the road
Episode 12: Will seeks his trophy, Zeke hits the road

By Pat Ferrucci | Published: December 4, 2016

Pat Ferrucci takes a look into trophy culture, and how the self-esteem movement may have affected Will's quest for (recognition of) a Big Move™ in Episode 12 of Millennials vs. Gen X.

Andy Baker's The Baker's Dozen - S33, Ep.12: The prettiest piles of dirt
Episode 12: The prettiest piles of dirt

By Andy Baker | Published: December 3, 2016

Andy Baker returns to assess three weeks of progress toward the endgame of Millennials vs. Gen X, and how they've affected the flawed but beautiful games of the prospective winners.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode 12 boxscore
Episode 12 boxscore

By Jeff Pitman | Published: December 2, 2016

Loved ones and advantages and BIG MOVES and immunities and crotch idols, oh my! In artisanally arranged numerical form.

Jeff Pitman recap - S33, Eps.10-11: Wasted opportunity
Episodes 10 & 11: Wasted opportunity

By Jeff Pitman | Published: November 29, 2016

Jeff Pitman somehow finds things to complain about (but also praise, obviously) with the excellent double-episodes 10 & 11 of Millennials vs. Gen X. Plus vidcaps.

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